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Wednesday, November 23, 2011



            William James wrote in his 1902 book, The Verities of Religious Experience. “We cannot live or think at all without some degree of faith. The only escape from faith is mental nullity,” he wrote. He took issue with Clifford and Huxley on the question of scientific evidence and Huxley referred to faith as the “lowest depth of immorality.”

            “By being religious we establish ourselves in possession of ultimate reality at the only points at which reality is given to us to guard. Our responsible concern is with our private destiny, after all.” --William James-- January 11, 1842—August 1910

            If you believe the Bible has some validity at all then you have to agree that GOD created man in his image. To be more precise “Let ‘us’ create men in our image.” If this is true then GOD must have crated man with a brain. He obviously wanted some one to talk to and relate to—possibly bounce various concepts off from—possibly even aspire—to sit on his right hand--to be like GOD himself or herself.

            The major problems in the world today are caused by mankind who refuses to use the brain that GOD gave him. Organized religion demands that man submit his soul, brain, body, morals and all their money. Please don’t drink the Cool aid!  

            If one were to use basic reasoning then they would have to concur that after God created everything including man and gave man the ability to communicate through prayers then God might get tired of all the static entering his brain day and night. He or she might retire to a place where the praying wouldn’t disturb and he or she could get on with their work of creating taking care of the rest of the universe.

            The fact is God created everything out of a priori state of matter known as M-state or Philosopher’s Stone. It is also known as the sacred Hebrew MAKZT powder. It is a large complicated yet stable atom composed of lots of protons in the center and a Cooper Paired electron cloud orbiting in opposite directions. This creates an inter-dimensional time field extending beyond the outer electron orbit and this time field tends to synchronize with other time fields throughout the universe. These particles exist everywhere and don’t attract to gravity because they exist in a different space time. Their  large number of protons and large size makes it possible to add or remove protons to make different elements because the atomic forces holding them together are quite weak compared to third dimensional matter.
            Plants take these atoms out of the soil by dissolving them with alkaline solutions secreted from their roots. With UV photons they transmute them into the necessary elements for cell division. We eat the plants and these large atoms assist the mitochondria in our body cells to manufacture the necessary elements for our cell division. Because they are so large they go through the blood brain barrier combine with fats and never leave the brain. Over time we collect more of them. Scientists have done metallic assays on dried, sheep and cow brains to discover they are 5% platinum and gold.
              Their physical shape with all the electrons orbiting in a ring passing each other at twice light speed cause them to reproduce magnetic fields with no loss of power therefore they fit the technical definition of a room temperature super conductor in that they magnetically resonate with other atoms.
            If the human body were to use electrons to send messages it wouldn’t work. Each time an electron is passed on it gives off two infrared photons causing mass loss. A ping pong player could not hit the ball sending messages with electrons. It is done with super conducing magnetic fields of high frequency. It works with Planck’s Constant E=HF where energy = Planck’s Constant times frequency.
            We are truly inter-dimensional beings but few of us understand this. Our thoughts manifest third dimensional reality. Keep in mind that the food we eat affects our thoughts and our ability to manipulate our reality. 

Our hopes and prayers come true because God left these particles behind that respond to our brain waves. These are same particles that he used to create the Universe. Are you ready to take the blue pill? Would you like to try something that could cure all disease through perfect cell division and increase your lifespan? My book, Philosopher’s Stone contains seven recipes to make the white-powder-of-gold in your kitchen It is used for cell division in plants as well as animals. You can water your plants with it or put it in your food. There recipes are worth millions if you are dying from cancer or other terminal disease. www.Guarddogbooks.com

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