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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saddest Cities

America's Saddest Cities Are Nothing to Cry About
Posted by Amy Reiter
on December 6, 2011 at 9:00 AM
It's hard to know how much a person's mood is determined by the city in which they live. But many of us can point to cities that make us happy (in my case, New York, Baltimore, Chicago) and cities that make us sad (I wept almost every day of the 10 months I lived in another city I won't name). The funny thing is, what makes a city a happy or sad place for someone is often deeply personal. And sometimes, even in a city that might seem to lend itself to the blues, there are compensating factors, things you can find there that may just cheer you right up: The weather in Seattle may be gloomy, for example, but you can always get a mood boost from that great coffee!
Anyhow, Men's Health recently came up with its list of the saddest cities in America, basing its rankings on suicide and unemployment rates, the percentage of households in which someone is on antidepressants, and the number of people who say they feel down either all or most of the time.
The results may surprise you, as they did me.

For instance, even though Florida is super-sunny, it's also apparently super-sad, with three cities in the top 10. The very pretty St. Petersburg, Florida, in fact, ranks atop Men's Health's list as the Saddest City in America. I know the people who live there can't feel very happy about that!

Here's the whole top 10:

St. Petersburg, FL
Detroit, MI
Memphis, TN
Tampa, FL
Louisville, KY
St. Louis, MO
Birmingham, AL
Miami, FL
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Perhaps the sad people living in these cities will cheer up now that their misery has been validated. If not, and they want to make a change for the cheerier, they could always move to one of the cities on Men's Health's related list of "blues-proof" cities. Top of that list -- Honolulu, Hawaii. Aloha, happiness!

Do you think the city you live in can affect your mood?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Drogue stones keep a vessel from capsizing.

My 50+ years experience on the water will attest to the fact that a series of drogue stones weighing many tons suspended beneath a vessel on stout ropes would keep it from capsizing in practically any sea--even seas of Biblical proportions.


Henry Kroll, this news is from Jonathan Gray - www.beforeus.com

This amazing conversation took place between myself and my archaeologist colleague Ron Wyatt, when he returned home...

“Must be careful,” warned Ron. “I think my phone’s bugged.”

Archaeologist Ron Wyatt had just arrived home from his expedition. He was unwinding with a book, when I rang.

“So you’re home, too?” he asked. We’d split just two weeks earlier. He’d gone east and I’d flown west.

“How was it?” I asked, careful of my words.

“I was there two days and two nights,” he croaked. “It was a bit hairy. The first night five terrorists were shot dead near our hotel. So we moved across town. The second night nine terrorists were shot in the street near that hotel.”

“Were you able to use the bore scope?”

“Yes, we raced out there quick before the killers woke up to it. But the light was too dim. Next time, when you come, we’ll need a stronger light to see inside.”

I replaced the receiver. Thank God Ron had come through!

It was spine-chilling, this whole thing. Phone buggings, break-ins, “spy”arrests, murder attempts and betrayals.

It had started for me when my good friend Roy Tucker held out a copy of Life magazine.

“Look,” he shrieked, his eyes popping out like antennae.
“A MASSIVE SHIP IN THE MOUNTAINS!!! Can you believe it? Just look! It’s as big as a battleship! What on earth can it be?” he exclaimed. “Noah’s Ark?”

“Not Noah’s Ark,” I retorted, skeptically. “This thing has to be a freak of nature.” (Get real! What else could it be - at 6,300 feet altitude?)

“There IS enough water, you know,” retorted Roy. “Enough water to put it up there. There’s eighteen times more water below sea level than there is dry land above it.”

“You don’t say?”

“Yes. And it’s well known that most of earth’s mountains are of recent formation. If seabeds can rise and continents sink, there’d be heaps of water for a worldwide Flood. If all the land now above the sea were dumped into the ocean depths, it would fill only one
eighteenth of the present volume of the oceans. Quite enough water, don’t you think.

Anyway, I had taken my own teams to the area.


On my very first trip something else had cropped up. As I roamed the hills, I noticed a number of stone objects, resembling ancient sea anchors.

Large stone anchors were part of the equipment of the ships of antiquity. They were perforated at the top so that chains or ropes could be passed through the holes. Such anchors have been found in the Mediterranean, the eastern Atlantic and off the coast of California.

These stones, with their flat surface area against the water, created a drag, in turbulent water, preventing a vessel from slipping sideways against a wave. In calmer waters, the stones hung deep, sounding for the bottom. They could have served as sheet anchors and been manipulated to direct a vessel around obstructions.

The “drogue stones” up in this hills of eastern Turkey were by far the largest ever found in the world. The heaviest anchor stone found to date had been 1,543 lbs (700 kg)   (Honor Frost, Ancore, the Potsherd of Marine Archaeology: On the Recording of Pierced Stones from the
Mediterranean, 1973)

But these were an average weight out of water of 8,700 lbs! (That was the estimate of marine salvor David Fasold.) And on average they were ten feet high by five feet wide and 18 to 24 inches thick.

So far, thirteen of these anchor stones have been found. There may be a total of eighteen.

Two facts emerged which could be significant. Firstly, they lay at intervals, more or less in a straight line with the boat-shaped object. (Some of them had cable holes intact; in others a portion of the hole remained.

Secondly, marine scientists, using computer models, were later able to determine that the stones were the size that would have been required by a ship of the Ark’s biblical dimensions.

And I asked myself, WHY WERE THESE GIANT SEA ANCHORS ON THE SLOPES OF THE ARARAT MOUNTAINS – and so close to the boat-shape?

“It’s the Ark, Trevor, it has to be!” I exclaimed to one of my team members. “See where these anchor stones lie?
They must have been cut loose, or dropped, as the Ark entered the area of its final rest.”


The gradual accumulation of evidence over some 34 visits to the site has included these finds:
* 8 ship’s anchor stones in the vicinity
* Metal nowhere in the ground around the boat-shape,
* but only inside the formation
* Inside, an organized pattern of iron at regular intervals
* Radar evidence of man-made structure (walls, cavities, tank shapes, passage ways, side doorway, ramp, etc.)
* Regular vertical structure around the sides – crossed by horizontal formation, to form a “lattice work”
* Petrified, laminated wood
* Fossilized rivets containing a sophisticated alloy
* 4-foot long metal rods
* Iron angle bracket
* Slag (waste product) from some type of metal production, coming out of the boat-shape from a location which suggests it could have been ballast.
* The structure is the correct size (both in length and breadth) to be Noah’s Ark
* It is in the correct location (the biblical “mountains” – plural - of Ararat)

So overwhelming were the strands of evidence – even before any excavation could take place – that the Turkish Government has dubbed the site the Noah’s Ark International Historical Park.


And the answer is, of course, YES. So I’ve put this together with some other great discoveries into a special deal of 8 DVDs.

I don’t know how long the special price will last.  And no shipping charges.

But anyway, here they are, all of them in NTSC and PAL format – 8 amazing DVD presentations (put together, very modestly – nothing fancy) – but the facts they give are astonishing.

Some of these finds are so CONTROVERSIAL that the critics are spitting chips – but you can’t beat physical EVIDENCE. So here they are:


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Philosopher’s Stone
                                       BY: HANK KROLL
Let’s pretend for a minute that you are the King or Queen of a small nation with ten-thousand barbarians trying to takeover your country. What do you do? You will do anything to stay in power and outsmart your enemy including, ingesting substances to extend your life and increase your intelligence. That’s why this technology has been locked up and kept secret for thousands of years. If this gets out, all nations will become obsolete! Think of a world where the average IQ is over 200.
Plants take it out of the soil and use it to power cell division. You don’t get enough of it your diet because you eat mass-produced supermarket food that has been grown on the same soil for 200 years. That is why Americans are getting dumber, have a shorter life expectancy and will contribute lots of money to the health-care industry.
I spent over twenty years researching and writing this book and didn’t know why exactly other than the fact it was so interesting. When injected you suddenly go from using 5% of your brain to 20, 50 even up to 80% of your brain. Some people need psychological counseling because you take in all the thoughts and misery from people around you. You can levitate and walk on water. You can put thoughts into people’s minds. The responsibility that goes with the use of this material is more than some people want to take on. It super conducts during cell division enabling your body cells to live longer because they don’t loose telomeres, (the little molecules at the end of the DNA chain that determine how long the cell will live).
Thousands died seeking this technology worth millions. That’s why it took me two years to decide to put the recipes in the book. I was afraid of change. I eventually came to the conclusion that there had to be a good reason why I was writing this book. We need it now to save the human race!
You can have this technology in my 209-page book that contains seven recipes to make m-state in your kitchen. The cost is less than twenty dollars—a small price to pay for immortality. Dialing 1-(877) buy book. You may also get it by going online to: www.alaskapublishing.com or www.GuardDogBooks.com

CO2 is a trace gas amounting to only .033% of our atmosphere and it has not increased greatly over the last 100 years. Please look up the CO2 content of our atmosphere to confirm what I am saying!CO2 is also plant food. Without it everything on the planet dies! We need more CO2! There is no global warming. It is a government disinformation campaign to hire more regulatory bureaucrats to take away your freedom!

GW/GC nuts refuse to look up the facts. Co2 is plant food! Without Co2 the planet dies and you will starve to death. Co2 is a trace gas! It accounts for only .033% of our atmosphere.

If mankind were to some how able to double the amount of Co2 it would still be a trace gas at .066%. Co2 is also heavy. It is twice as heavy as oxygen and about 1/3 heavier than nitrogen so human release of Co2 is partially responsible for smog around cities because it tends to hang below the 3000-foot level until the wind mixes it up. Check out the specific gravity of Co2 compared with nitrogen and oxygen to verify this fact!

Because Co2 is heavy, trees don't grow above a certain level because there isn't enough Co2 food for them to grow.. That is why there is a timberline duhh!

Co2 is an extremely valuable resource. You got two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. If you were smart you could burn it in your car or heat your home with it!

The sheetrock on the wall of your house was made from Co2 using UV light from space. The coal that heats your house and gives you electricity was made from
Co2 using invisible UV light from space in the invisible 350 to 400 nanometer range.
The oil and makes your car go down the road was made from Co2 and hydrogen.

If anyone is interested where the energy came from to make our carbon resources read my book: COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES or if you have no interest in where the free oxygen came from you are currently sucking into your lungs you can go on my web site and order a book about Sarah Palin or books about Barack Obama or John McCain all of which will not alter human release of Co2 in any way. Now methane! That's another story. www.GuardDogBooks.com www.HankKroll.com

Black diamonds from space indicate age of universe!
If nobody was there to see it, was there a Big Bang? The whole idea that such a titanic explosion could come from a single point the size smaller than a Planck length 10E-35 meter and then billions of years later we are here to explain it may be a creationest manifestation of reality. 
“The instant of creation remains unexplained.” ---Professor Allan Guth of MIT
“The actual point of creation lies outside the scope of present day known physics.” ---Stephan Hawking  
Can science verify a consciousness? Are there watchers who protect us from ourselves or is it quantum entanglement? Are we uncouscously shareing quantum entanglement? Is there a God consciousness field responsible for creation? “Religion without science is blind.” What if we could acieve consciousness enlightment individually?
I am still not convinced that there was a big bang for a number of reasons. The newest space telescopes are now seeing galaxies out to 14 billion light years and they seem to be speeding away from us at increasing velocities nearing the speed of light. For all we know photons might rund down and shift to the red after traveling 14-billion light years. We just don’t know. The Big Bang theory is probably a religious manifestation of reality.
In fact, the Big Bang theory was invented by the Catholic Church. “What!” you say. “I thought Edwin Hubble invented the Big Bang theory.” Well, that’s not quite correct.  A Catholic monk, George Lemaitre, first proposed the Big Bang theory in 1927. American, Edwin Hubble published the idea in 1929 two years after the Catholic Church grabbed onto the idea. It was Hubble that attached the mathematics to the idea in an attempt to make sense of it. The Catholics invented the idea to unite the Biblical idea of creation with science at the time. You can’t make something out of nothing. The fundamental laws of physics specifically state this of in order to explain the creation of all matter in the universe in an instant from an infinitesimally-small, microscopic point you have to have an event with infinite energy. The Catholic Church endorsed the Big Bang Theory because it fit the Biblical creation paradigm, that there is an infinite God or YHWH.
After Hubble published the theory the Church heralded it as proof that the bible was scientifically accurate and “Divine Truth.” Scholars have been debating the validity of this theory for decades.
If the Big Bang theory is a reality, according to my reasoning it does not contradict the Biblical six-day creation theory. Say for example, if God were going to set off a firecracker big enough to create everything he would need at lease a couple days head-start to get his spaceship up to light speed before it went off. This might keep him ahead of the blast just far enough to survive because he would be traveling at 99.9999 percent the speed of light and his time would be slowed down to nothing.
Our present knowledge of physics dictates that 12 to 13 billion years will have passed while God traveling near the speed of light only experienced a time elapse of three days. He would have had to set the charge just right to create third dimensional matter. One way of doing this would be to create lots of ORME atoms first which he could control with his brain waves. Then he would use these particles to transmute the necessary elements to support life in all it various forms.
During the 12 to 14 billion years of time matter was supposed to have expanded, destroying and recreated again into its present state God would have had to regulate this process with brain waves. It would take God another day or so to slow down from light speed, find a suitable world or worlds, and push them into the correct orbits to support life.  Then he would have to find a moon to regulate the life cycles and get somebody to man it. Hence “The Man in The Moon.” Then he would have to take off again to put a few billion more worlds into orbits everywhere. Finally on the sixth day he would come back to find a world teeming with life (dinosaurs) of every description. Then he would have to put hunters down there with big guns to kill off the dinosaurs. 
The oxygen levels would have to be high enough to support animal life so obviously he would have to put in orbit near a white dwarf star so that the phytoplankton and diatoms would do their job of mopping up the CO2 releasing oxygen for so-called higher life forms to breathe.  God would then have to kill off most of the animal life that is harmful to man and then create the first man to have dominion over what he created. The easiest and most cost effective way to do this is to divert a meteor into the Earth. Obviously, God had lots of deck-hands or helpers (Angels) to do this.
By this time, advanced civilizations throughout the Universe and planets in other galaxies would have had a much longer time to evolve and be capable of space travel. They were very interested in Earth because it had such a high pressure atmosphere that was 1/3 CO2, the gas necessary for the creation of all life, carbon being the perfect molecule to bond cell membranes. The great pyramid is a model of a carbon molecule. They would have come to earth many times in the past to help mankind evolve. The latest data shows that man’s DNA is a composite of 22 different alien species. We have lots of relatives!
They came down here and took some chimpanzee DNA, mixed in 22 of their own specie and turned them loose to see if they would kill each other off. This was done to eliminate a galactic war. We do the fighting why they stand back and bet on the contestants.
Einstein, being a member of the Christian-Jewish community was forced to go along with the Big Bang theory but he had his reservations. He wondered where the energy came from in the first place. There was no way he could explain an infinitely small space creating enough energy to make everything. Then when you get into expansion theory, science turns into science fiction.
There is no way mankind can advance when he lets religion dictate what is real and not real. Mankind will never discover the true meaning of God when he forces his own ideas upon reality. If he is allowed to persist in this fruitless endeavor he will never discover the truth.
So, when did time begin? In Scientific American May 2004 issue: “Science does not have a conclusive answer yet, but at least two potentially testable theories plausibly hold that the universe-and therefore time-existed well before the “big bang” (I don’t think there was one). If either scenario is right, the cosmos has always been in existence and, even if it re-collapses one day, it will never end.”
When will our galaxy collide with Andromeda?
“Current measurements suggest that, I about 3-billion years, the Milky Way and Andromeda may collide.” –John Dubendki Hayden Planetarium University of Toronto, Canada. This is more evidence that there is no such thing as a big bang forcing the universe to expand. Galaxies wouldn’t be colliding if they are getting further apart!
If the Universe is expanding then why are galaxies colliding? Shouldn’t they be getting further apart? The huge number of colliding galaxies throw another monkey wrench into the big bang theory. Einstein wasn’t completely convinced that there is such a thing as a big bang but he went along with it to placate the status quo. To read more of Einstein’s ideas on this subject and others read my book, Cosmological Ice Ages. www.GuardDogBooks.com & www.AlaskaPublishing.com
Then there is the fact that as we (our sun) travels through space while orbiting the galaxy we encounter very old red dwarf stars. These are burn’t out crisps so old that they could possibly be left over from prevous big bangs. One of these stars is Banard’s Star 5.88 light years to the northwest  coming toward us at 14.5 kilometers per second.
All elements decay only it take any billions of years for uranium to turn into lead. All the heavy elements above iron are created in stellar explosions. The number of heavy elements on the surface of the Earth convinces me that the cosmos is very very old. First of all a star has to evolve and cook for billions of years until it burns off all the hydrogen. Then the helium starts to burn and finally after billions more years it will swell up into a giant red or shrink down into a white dwarf. Sometimes the explosion is so violent that the star will shrink down into a neutron star or even a black hole. All this takes time—impossible measures of time. If we knew more we could determine the age of any planet by the carious compositions of elements in the crust. A younger planet would have less time to collect heavy elements.
They built the Panama Canal with black diamonds. The cutting tools used to slice through the rock were made of black diamonds. Large black diamonds can only come from space. A red dwarf is too hot to make black diamonds and stars are definitely too hot so the only other explanation is that they came from black dwarfs.
The simple fact that black diamonds from space exist is partial proof that black dwarfs exist. If black dwarfs are a reality then the universe is tens of billions of years older than present estimates—possibly eternal.
Stars smaller than our Sun would eventually after tens of billions of years use up all their fuel. Carbon bubbling away in the left over hydrogen and nitrogen gas for billions of years formed large diamond crystals one meter in diameter. Such large diamonds could only have formed under the heat and pressure of a burnt out star known as a black dwarf.
NewScientistSpace http://www.nsls.bnc.gov
Black diamond found in only a few places on Earth may have crashed down from space in a kilometre-sized rock, according to new research.
The diamonds, also called carbonado, are only found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Unlike other diamonds, they are made of millions of diamond crystals that are stuck together.
They are also porous, which is a puzzle. Scientists say it would have been difficult for gas to become trapped in rocks at depths of about 200 kilometres below the Earth's surface. The intense pressure there turns carbon into conventional diamonds.
"This is the feature that first led some of us to think, well, perhaps there has to be a different alternative," says Stephen Haggerty, a geologist at Florida International University in Miami, US, and an author of the new study.
Because carbonado diamonds have only been found in two places and never in traditional diamond fields, some scientists suspected they crashed to Earth from space.
Haggerty believes they came from a large, diamond-bearing asteroid that may have fallen to Earth billions of years ago, when the planet and the Moon were being heavily bombarded by space rocks. Carbonado has been dated to be between 2.6 billion and 3.8 billion years old.
At that time, South America and Africa were one land mass, which could account for the diamonds showing up on two continents today, Haggerty told New Scientist.
He and his colleagues believe the diamonds have ancient, rather exotic origins, forming around a star other than the Sun. Using an infrared synchrotron at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, US, they found hydrogen in the carbonado that indicates the diamonds came from hydrogen-rich interstellar space.
The diamond dust from which they formed may have been released when a star exploded in a supernova billions of years ago.
The diamond dust then became part of the cloud of gas and dust from which our solar system condensed. Over time, it coalesced into larger clumps that became embedded in asteroids "like plums in pudding", Haggerty says.
The new spectral measurements of the carbonado closely resemble those of other diamonds found in meteorites, as well as diamonds seen in space (see The night sky really is studded with diamonds) Journal reference: Astrophysical Journal Letters (vol 653, p 153)

          Diamonds From Outer Space: Geologists Discover Origin Of Earth's Mysterious Black Diamonds

ScienceDaily (Jan. 9, 2007) — If indeed "a diamond is forever," the most primitive origins of Earth's so-called black diamonds were in deep, universal time, geologists have discovered. Black diamonds came from none other than interstellar space.
In a paper published online on December 20, 2006, in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, scientists Jozsef Garai and Stephen Haggerty of Florida International University, along with Case Western Reserve University researchers Sandeep Rekhi and Mark Chance, claim an extraterrestrial origin for the unique black diamonds, also called carbonado diamonds.
Infrared synchrotron radiation at Brookhaven National Laboratory was used to discover the diamonds' source.
"Trace elements critical to an 'ET' origin are nitrogen and hydrogen," said Haggerty. The presence of hydrogen in the carbonado diamonds indicates an origin in a hydrogen-rich interstellar space, he and colleagues believe.
The term carbonado was coined by the Portuguese in Brazil in the mid-18th century; it's derived from its visual similarity to porous charcoal. Black diamonds are found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.
"Conventional diamonds are mined from explosive volcanic rocks [kimberlites] that transport them from depths in excess of 100 kilometers to the Earth's surface in a very short amount of time," said Sonia Esperanca, program director in the National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research. "This process preserves the unique crystal structure that makes diamonds the hardest natural material known."
From Australia to Siberia, from China to India, the geological settings of conventional diamonds are virtually identical, said Haggerty. None of them are compatible with the formation of black diamonds.
Approximately 600 tons of conventional diamonds have been mined, traded, polished and adorned since 1900. "But not a single black/carbonado diamond has been discovered in the world's mining fields," Haggerty said.
The new data support earlier research by Haggerty showing that carbonado diamonds formed in stellar supernovae explosions. Black diamonds were once the size of asteroids, a kilometer or more in diameter when they first landed on Earth.
Adapted from materials provided by National Science Foundation.

I highly doubt the supernovae origin of black diamonds because Black Dwarfs don’t blow up. We do the best we can using information that trickles down through the government filtering process. ----Hank Kroll www.GuardDogBooks.com www.AlaskaPublishing.com