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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Drogue stones keep a vessel from capsizing.

My 50+ years experience on the water will attest to the fact that a series of drogue stones weighing many tons suspended beneath a vessel on stout ropes would keep it from capsizing in practically any sea--even seas of Biblical proportions.


Henry Kroll, this news is from Jonathan Gray - www.beforeus.com

This amazing conversation took place between myself and my archaeologist colleague Ron Wyatt, when he returned home...

“Must be careful,” warned Ron. “I think my phone’s bugged.”

Archaeologist Ron Wyatt had just arrived home from his expedition. He was unwinding with a book, when I rang.

“So you’re home, too?” he asked. We’d split just two weeks earlier. He’d gone east and I’d flown west.

“How was it?” I asked, careful of my words.

“I was there two days and two nights,” he croaked. “It was a bit hairy. The first night five terrorists were shot dead near our hotel. So we moved across town. The second night nine terrorists were shot in the street near that hotel.”

“Were you able to use the bore scope?”

“Yes, we raced out there quick before the killers woke up to it. But the light was too dim. Next time, when you come, we’ll need a stronger light to see inside.”

I replaced the receiver. Thank God Ron had come through!

It was spine-chilling, this whole thing. Phone buggings, break-ins, “spy”arrests, murder attempts and betrayals.

It had started for me when my good friend Roy Tucker held out a copy of Life magazine.

“Look,” he shrieked, his eyes popping out like antennae.
“A MASSIVE SHIP IN THE MOUNTAINS!!! Can you believe it? Just look! It’s as big as a battleship! What on earth can it be?” he exclaimed. “Noah’s Ark?”

“Not Noah’s Ark,” I retorted, skeptically. “This thing has to be a freak of nature.” (Get real! What else could it be - at 6,300 feet altitude?)

“There IS enough water, you know,” retorted Roy. “Enough water to put it up there. There’s eighteen times more water below sea level than there is dry land above it.”

“You don’t say?”

“Yes. And it’s well known that most of earth’s mountains are of recent formation. If seabeds can rise and continents sink, there’d be heaps of water for a worldwide Flood. If all the land now above the sea were dumped into the ocean depths, it would fill only one
eighteenth of the present volume of the oceans. Quite enough water, don’t you think.

Anyway, I had taken my own teams to the area.


On my very first trip something else had cropped up. As I roamed the hills, I noticed a number of stone objects, resembling ancient sea anchors.

Large stone anchors were part of the equipment of the ships of antiquity. They were perforated at the top so that chains or ropes could be passed through the holes. Such anchors have been found in the Mediterranean, the eastern Atlantic and off the coast of California.

These stones, with their flat surface area against the water, created a drag, in turbulent water, preventing a vessel from slipping sideways against a wave. In calmer waters, the stones hung deep, sounding for the bottom. They could have served as sheet anchors and been manipulated to direct a vessel around obstructions.

The “drogue stones” up in this hills of eastern Turkey were by far the largest ever found in the world. The heaviest anchor stone found to date had been 1,543 lbs (700 kg)   (Honor Frost, Ancore, the Potsherd of Marine Archaeology: On the Recording of Pierced Stones from the
Mediterranean, 1973)

But these were an average weight out of water of 8,700 lbs! (That was the estimate of marine salvor David Fasold.) And on average they were ten feet high by five feet wide and 18 to 24 inches thick.

So far, thirteen of these anchor stones have been found. There may be a total of eighteen.

Two facts emerged which could be significant. Firstly, they lay at intervals, more or less in a straight line with the boat-shaped object. (Some of them had cable holes intact; in others a portion of the hole remained.

Secondly, marine scientists, using computer models, were later able to determine that the stones were the size that would have been required by a ship of the Ark’s biblical dimensions.

And I asked myself, WHY WERE THESE GIANT SEA ANCHORS ON THE SLOPES OF THE ARARAT MOUNTAINS – and so close to the boat-shape?

“It’s the Ark, Trevor, it has to be!” I exclaimed to one of my team members. “See where these anchor stones lie?
They must have been cut loose, or dropped, as the Ark entered the area of its final rest.”


The gradual accumulation of evidence over some 34 visits to the site has included these finds:
* 8 ship’s anchor stones in the vicinity
* Metal nowhere in the ground around the boat-shape,
* but only inside the formation
* Inside, an organized pattern of iron at regular intervals
* Radar evidence of man-made structure (walls, cavities, tank shapes, passage ways, side doorway, ramp, etc.)
* Regular vertical structure around the sides – crossed by horizontal formation, to form a “lattice work”
* Petrified, laminated wood
* Fossilized rivets containing a sophisticated alloy
* 4-foot long metal rods
* Iron angle bracket
* Slag (waste product) from some type of metal production, coming out of the boat-shape from a location which suggests it could have been ballast.
* The structure is the correct size (both in length and breadth) to be Noah’s Ark
* It is in the correct location (the biblical “mountains” – plural - of Ararat)

So overwhelming were the strands of evidence – even before any excavation could take place – that the Turkish Government has dubbed the site the Noah’s Ark International Historical Park.


And the answer is, of course, YES. So I’ve put this together with some other great discoveries into a special deal of 8 DVDs.

I don’t know how long the special price will last.  And no shipping charges.

But anyway, here they are, all of them in NTSC and PAL format – 8 amazing DVD presentations (put together, very modestly – nothing fancy) – but the facts they give are astonishing.

Some of these finds are so CONTROVERSIAL that the critics are spitting chips – but you can’t beat physical EVIDENCE. So here they are:


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