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Saturday, January 2, 2010

As far as God administering the affairs of the world and Universe --it is not as complicated as you might think. He uses m-state--the priori state of matter that responds to magnetic frequency. It is everywhere including inside our bodies. It can be transformed into any solid object or biological building block with the magnetic frequency of thought.

If you were going to create a Big Bang to make more planets and suns you would create lots of m-state so that your magnetic frequency thoughts could manipulate the outcome. You would want a certain percentage of photons, protons, quarks, electrons, neutrinos etc and be able to put it all together to make DNA or anything that might work well in any given environment. You can speculate about this stuff all day but however it works would be a simple logical process and it would not be like anything humans can dream up in their present state of mind.

RE: my book, Philosopher’s Stone

The orbitally rearranged gold and platinum large monatomic particles with cooper paired electrons create their own space time and resonate with each other at a distance so there is no impediment to create anything anywhere. The electrons are passing each other at twice the speed of light to create a dimensional field which extends beyond the boundaries of the particle a considerable distance. They are non-local. They exist everywhere you want them to be at any time. They respond to magnetic frequency in the gigahertz range. This is due to their physical shape like Saturn (some are like acorns) with a ring of electrons traveling around in opposite directions passing each other at twice the speed of light.

One example of this non-locality is the two particle physics experiment. The person doing the experiment determines the outcome. This has puzzled scientists who can only think in three dimensions for decades.

The Anunnaki needed the white-powder-of-gold to keep them alive thousands of years by rejuvenating their bodies with perfect cell division. They also used it to communicate with other planets instantly thousands of times faster than the speed of light.

For example if you wanted to send humans and animals to other planets you would feed them enough of this stuff so that the cells of their body would exist in two dimensions at the same time. Then you place fifty or so humans and cattle around the Ark in a 50-foot radius that has a properly tuned antenna attached to the top. The Ark has to be in communication with an identical Ark some place on another world. Then you bring forth the Shikanna Glory with your mind and think about where you are sending them and poof they arrive instantly at their intended destination.

Moses spies saw this taking place in Exodus when they observed such a device that “Eateth up the people.”

I know it sound like magic but when you understand the physics it is about as basic as you can get.

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