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Monday, February 20, 2012

HR 808 Is this joke?

HR 808 for the Dept. of Peace (new) and they want to change the Gospel and make all the religions all equal and I knew the world was going to end if Obama won the election. ...

ThePeaceAlliance.org – Announces on Monday, October 26 2009 Ana Campos, Board Member & Jason Frost who has been rallying support for US Department of Peace, along with notable Politicians & Celebrities will present Official Federal HR-808 Proposal.


PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 24, 2009 -
Miami Beach, FL (ALL MEDIA OUTLETS) October, 24 2009 -- http://www.ThePeaceAlliance.org - Proudly announces that on Monday, October 26 2009 Ana Campos, Board Member and Petitioner who has been rallying support for a United States Department of Peace, along with many notable Politicians and Celebrities will present Official Federal HR-808 Proposal to the President of the United States.

Department of Peace volunteers across the nation have managed to continually support Ana Campos and the many other people involved in this effort to establish a United States Department of Peace. Senator Nelson, our 3 Florida Congressional Cosponsors, 7 additional Members of Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are all potential strong supporters in this effort to pass this Bill. This is a chance to speak and remind to President Obama about the bill he once showed avid interest in, while running for President.

Neighboring supporter Jason Frost of A Frosty J Productions (ASCAP) – FrostyJ.com -has been championing the cause much like Ana Campos for nearly a decade applying pressure to get this Bill passed with help from powerful and influential associates in the Hollywood & New York City Arts and Film Community. Notable supporters include recently Actor turned Rapper Joaquin Phoenix, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more as listed on ThePeaceAlliance.org website. A Music compilation to support and raise money for this cause is also in the works with more information and artists involved in the Peace project to help further inform the public.

In the 1990s Jason Frost first began working towards establishing peaceful conflict resolutions through the use of Music and Entertainment that focused on the positive aspects to a diverse and multi-cultural society; organizing concerts and events that promoted peace and unity among various peoples, groups and races holding multiple conflicts. With the advent of the Internet people like Jason Frost and Board Member Ana Campos have been able to reach far more supporters than in pre Internet years. It is the opinion of everyone involved that we are very close to finally establishing a US Dept of Peace. An integral addition to already strong domestic resolution policies as established and set in motion by the Clinton staff of the 1990s.

This is about the war in our own communities and what can we do federally and locally to help prevent crime and violence.

This Federal US Department of Peace would primarily work to prevent violence domestically (domestic abuse, child and elderly abuse, gang violence, hate crimes, homicides and battery) at it’s root causes –not just continue to apply band aids. It would bring tools of violence prevention (peer mediation, nonviolent communication, conflict resolution) into all school systems(K -12) to aid Teachers and Students.

At the end of the day, the US Department of Peace would creates a seat for violence prevention, for the first time in the President’s Cabinet of Advisors which will serve to advise him on their expertise on the latest cutting edge techniques in conflict resolution, violence prevention, diplomacy, mediation, and community based strategy programs on crime prevention. A copy of the most recent Bill is available for review at ThePeaceAlliance.org along with links to donate, get stickers, t-shirts and support this very important cause that affects us all.

The Presidential Event is in Miami Beach this Monday.

Ana Campos

Board Member, The Peace Alliance
South Florida State Organizer
U.S. Department of Peace Campaign
Email: ACampos_2001@yahoo.com

Jason Frost
Volunteer Supporter, The Peace Alliance
A Frosty J Productions (ASCAP) – FrostyJ.com
U.S. Department of Peace Campaign
Email: JFrost_1994@sunservers.net

National Website: http://www.ThePeaceAlliance.org
DoPeace Website: http://DoPEACE.ning.com

# # #

At our helm is Jason Frost, who has the experience, dedication, entrepreneurial leadership and respect of some of the most well known names in the music and film industry today. Our staffed network consists of creative and professional audio sound and visual engineering specialists ready to meet any project deadline and exceed your very best expectations. We also retain a staff of highly skilled musicians as part of our own in-house songwriting and composing team so that we can arm you with newer sounds, fresher beats and better background music than the competition. A Frosty J Productions (ASCAP) is growing everyday and is already part of a largely expanding network of newly created partnerships extending into the areas of film, TV, radio, soundtracking, production, promotion, manufacturing, distribution, photography, press relations, artist development, personal management and career goal services for actors/models/bands interested.


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