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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Should have titled this blog dumbest jokes of all time.

Two Arabs, Abd-al-Rahman and Abd-al-Rashid moved to Paris where they
made friends with a French guy named Jean-Paul.

They used to go all over Paris with him when suddenly one day . . .
Jean-Paul disappeared.

The two went to the police and lodged a complaint.

The police asked them if they could give some vital clues about
Jean-Paul that would help find him.

Abd-al-Rahman says . . . "Jean-Paul was handsome and tall"
Police say . . . "Most Frenchmen are like that . . . Give us something specific"

Abd-al-Rashid says . . . "Jean-Paul had blue eyes and was very fair"
Police say . . . "C'mon guys, lots of Frenchmen have blue eyes and fair hair, tell us something specific"

Abd-al-Rahman and Abd-al-Rashid. . . "Oh yes, Now we remember!
Jean-Paul had two holes in his ass !!!"

The Policemen get really interested . . . "Now that's something very specific - but tell us, how do you know this ?? Have you guys seen it?"

Abd-al-Rahman and Abd-al-Rashid . . . "No we haven't seen the holes, but wherever we went with Jean-Paul, everyone used to say
. . . "Here comes Jean-Paul with the TWO assholes."

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